Here’s a list of the key pieces of software, websites, and apps that we use during client work. These are all tried and tested by our team.

Payment Gateways

Stripe.com is a payment gateway that allows developers to accept online payments via credit cards, bank transfer, or direct debit. Businesses can use Stripe as either a hosted payment solution or APIs to integrate into their e-commerce platforms.

Website Addons

Purechat is a beautiful and simple chat widget, which enables you to add live chat on your site in less than 5 minutes. Purechat comes with multiple themes and is super easy to install in any niche.

Web Hosting

The choice of thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs, Siteground has become a really popular web hosting company in a short time. With the free and easy to use control panel, fantastic support team, great pricing structure and overall hosting experience that is second to none, it's no surprise that so many people are choosing Siteground as their host provider.

Transactional Emails

SendGrid is a transactional email service provider and one of the fastest growing email services companies in the world, with millions of customers sending billions of emails each month. If you have a website that receives an overwhelming amount of support tickets, email inquiries or other feedback, then SendGrid's mission-critical automation features are what will help your business succeed.

Design Tools

A suite of graphic design tools that allow for easy customization and stunning results. With thousands of pre-designed templates, an easy drag-and-drop interface and a powerful set of tools that run in the background, you can create logos, ads, posters, labels and anything else you can think of.

Transactional SMS

Twilio.com is a powerful but easy-to-use SaaS platform for sending transactional SMS via your website or mobile app. It offers an alternative to expensive long-distance SMS services, allows marketers to communicate with customers on uniquely relevant messages, and can be integrated with many other back-end platforms including Stripe, Shopify, and WordPress. Buyers and sellers can also use it as a marketing channel.

Communication Tools

Slack is a communication platform that lets you chat with your team, clients or anyone that has an email address. It's an in house messaging app for small business owners that want to create the fastest, most efficient team possible. You can even use Slack as your primary communication channel with clients and partners.